Organic and Inorganic UV absorbers that are Category I USP Grades that provide the Sun Protection Factors (SPF) in finished formulations.

PDF Spec Sheets are available for most products by request.

Trade NameUSAN/INCI NameCAS NumberDescriptions
KAHSCREEN OMCOCTINOXATE, USP 5466-77-3Oil Soluble UV/B Absorber
KAHSCREEN OS OCTISALATE, USP118-60-5 Oil Soluble UV/B Absorber
KAHSCREEN OTC OCTOCRYLENE, USP6197-30-4Oil Soluble UV/B Absorber
KAHSCREEN HMS HOMOSALATE, USP118-56-9Oil Soluble UV/B Absorber
KAHSCREEN HYDROENSULIZOLE, USP 27503-81-7 Water Soluble UV/B Absorber
KAHSCREEN BZ-3OXYBENZONE, USP131-57-7Oil Soluble UVB/A Absorber
KAHSCREEN BZ-4SULISOBENZONE, USP 4065-45-6Water Soluble UVB/A Absorber
KAHSCREEN AVOAVOBENZONE, USP 70356-09-1Oil Soluble UV/A Absorber
KAHSCREEN ZNOZINC OXIDE, USP1314-13-2Oil Dispersible UVA/B Absorber
KAHSCREEN TIO2TITANIUM DIOXIDE, USP13463-67-7Oil Dispersible UVA/B Absorber

Provided for your information: The FDA Sunscreen Monograph June 17, 2011