Cooling & Sensates


Topical cooling agents and Category I Analgesics that the senses perceive as “Cooling or Warming”. Used in Cosmetics, Flavor and Fragrances.

PDF Spec Sheets are available for most products by request.

Trade NameUSAN/INCI NameCAS NumberDescriptions
KAHMENTHOLL-Menthol, USP2216-51-5Cooling Agent, Analgesic
KAHMENTHOL DLRacemic Menthol89-78-1Cooling Agent, Analgesic
KAHCOOL ML CrystMenthyl Lactate59259-38-0Low Odor Cooling Agent
KAHCOOL MGAMenthone Glycerin Acetal63187-91-7LQ Low odor cooling agent
Capsaicin 96-98%Capsicum Annuum Resin 404-86-4 Warming Agent
WS-23 (Also WS-3 & 5) Methyl Diisopropyl Propionamide51115-67-4Cooling Agent with 5X the Cooling Effect
Camphor Flakes, USPCamphor Flakes, USP464-48-2 Mild Analgesic
Eucalyptus OilEucalyptus Oil8000-48-4Flavor, Minty, Cooling, Natural
Thymol, USPThymol, USP89-83-8Flavor, Strong Spicy
Methyl SalicylateMethyl Salicylate, USP 119-36-8 Flavor, Analgesic