Specialty Products


Active and Functional Ingredients that have a technical, known or folkloric activity or effect.

PDF Spec Sheets are available for most products by request.

Trade NameUSAN/INCI NameCAS NumberDescriptions
Saccharin Benzoic Sulfimide82385-42-0Artificial Sweetener
Alpha Bisabolol Nat.Bisabolol 23089-26-1,515-69-5Anti-irritant and Anti-inflammatory
Argan Oil Argan Oil 223747-87-3Protects, moisturizes, impart shin and repairs damaged hair
Dipropylene GlycolDipropylene Glycol25265-71-8Solvent, Emollient, Anti-Microbial
Menthoglycol (PMD)p-Menthane-3, 8-diol109-86-4Natural Insect Repellant
Neem Oil Neem Oil 8002-65-1Ayurveda Treatments, Hair and Skin Products
Tea Tree OilTea Tree Oil68647-73-4Antimicrobial Active