Essential Oils


Essential and Certified Organic Essential Oils that carry distinctive components of the plant. Due to their volatile and aromatic nature, these materials are commonly used in “Cosmetics, Fragrance, Soaps and Flavors.

PDF Spec Sheets are available for most products by request.

Essential Oils
Almond, Sweet Ceranium Jasmine Peppermint
Amyris Chamomile Juniperberry Petitgrain
Anise Cinnamon Lavandin Pimento Leaf
Balsam Peru Citronella Lavender Pine
Basil Clove Lemon Rose
Bay CorianderLemongrass Rosemary
Bergamot Cornmint Lime Sage
Birch Cumin Marjoram Sandalwood
Bois de Rose Dillweed Mandarin Spearmint
Cajetput Eucalpytus Myrrh Tangerine
Camphor Fennel Neroli Tea Tree
Cananga Fir Balsam NutmegThyme
Caraway Fir Needle OnionVetiver
Cardamom Galbanum Orange Wintergreen
Carrot Seed Garlic Origanum Wormwood
Cassia Ginger Parsley Ylang
Cedar Leaf Grapefruit Patchouli
Cedarwood Guaiacwood Pennyroyal
Celery Hemlock Pepper, Black