KAH Specialty Products continues to offer a broad range of ingredients for use in the Cosmetic, Fragrance, Flavor & Pharmaceutical Markets. Together
with our trusted partners, KAH continues to develop new and innovative ingredients to help marketers like you deliver advanced products to the marketplace.

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Organic and Inorganic UV absorbers that are Category I USP Grades that provide the Sun Protection Factors (SPF) in finished formulations.

Cooling & Sensates

Topical cooling agents and Category I Analgesics that the senses perceive as “Cooling or Warming”. Used in Cosmetics, Flavor and Fragrances.

Ceapro, Inc.

Global cosmetic and personal care companies recognize and rely on Ceapro’s innovative and natural ingredients to provide superior therapeutic benefits to their products.

Specialty Products

Active and Functional Ingredients that have a technical, known or folkloric activity or effect.

Essential Oils

Essential and Certified Organic Essential Oils that carry distinctive components of the plant. Due to their volatile and aromatic nature, these materials are commonly used in “Cosmetics, Fragrance, Soaps and Flavors.

Botanical Extracts

Organic and Certified Organic Extracts that carry the essences of the fruit or plant.

Insect Repellants

Includes list of EPA’s 25b insect repellents and those we distribute.