About Us

Our Experience

KAH Specialty Products, LLC is a distributor of Cosmetic, Fragrance, Flavor and Pharmaceutical Specialty Ingredients serving the small and mid-sized customer. We were established to provide low-cost effective distribution service solutions to this group of customers since our beginning.

Founded in 2005 to distribute specialty ingredients for a major multinational manufacturer, we have supported and been committed to delivering products, technical service and our expertise to marketers like you to help bring your products to the selected marketplace.

We are dedicated to our customer’s success. We support that effort with innovative ingredients from a variety of manufacturers from both North America and around the world. These ingredients are warehoused here in the United States.

KAH continues to expand the product line. We now offer a broader line of ingredients to our customers. Together with our partners, KAH develops new and innovative ingredients to help marketers like you deliver more innovative products to the marketplace and be successful with your new launches.

KAH staff has more than 30 years of experience in the technical, marketing and sales area and is able to discuss and act on every aspect of the products that we carry. Among the benefits of our years of experience is our network of outside experts and colleagues that we often consult with to solve problems and assist in the process.

We are a “Certified Minority” vendor and we are more poised to work with start-up companies and to support our customers in meeting their minority goals and requirements.

Our Products

KAH Specialty Products Product Line includes sunscreens “KAHSCREENS”, cooling agents “KAHCOOLS”, and coming soon “KAHESTERS”. KAH has partnered with Ceapro® Inc. to supply “Eco-Certified” and “Natural” Oat Derived Products to the trade and to launch new Ceapro products in to the marketplace here in the States.

KAH also offers a line of “Essential Oils”, Botanical Extracts, Organic Fixed and Essential Oils. We can be your “Sourcing Agent” for a number of other off product list materials.

Additionally, we have many years of experience as a “Sales Agent” for those manufacturers that have products for this area but don’t have representation in the States or in this segment of the marketplace.

We also offer “Essential Oils” blending for use in the fragrance industry. We offer a number of the EPA’s 25b list of Insect Repellents that can be blended in to pre-blends for distribution.

KAH Specialty Products, LLC is committed to your success in the marketplace; we are ready to assist you and your staff in your efforts. Our product line is unsurpassed in quality and is sourced from trusted and reputable manufacturers worldwide.

Your Trusted Source

We stand ready to be your Specialty Ingredients Supplier, Sourcing Agent, Sales Agent and Essential Oils Blender. Our expertise with proven and new solutions for your products and your consumer needs help ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

Karl A. Harris
Managing Partner
KAH Specialty Products, LLC.